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WRC 7 is an improvement in many areas from last year’s decent WRC 6. The stage design continues to get better and better, the sound has been given a kick in the trousers, and the lighting impresses. However, the weather effects are still underwhelming, career mode lacks life, and it remains focused exclusively on today’s rally cars and categories (there’s no retro rallying content at all).

WRC 7’s strongest feature remains its exceptional stage design. They’re only spread across 13 countries this time around (as opposed to the 14 in WRC 6, as China was nixed from the official championship calendar for 2017) but they’re extremely varied and feel very authentic. Farmland and vineyards, tall forests and rocky, rolling hills; WRC 7 is always changing up the backdrop and it makes every country feel very distinct.

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Posted on Nov 7, 2017

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