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“Revolution” is such a nice, punchy word. Generally, it’s even a positive word, or so we’re generally led to think as we’re on the “right” side of a bevy of revolutions ranging from the American to the sexual. But let’s be honest—change isn’t always good. However noble intentions may be, sometimes a revolution ends up making things worse than they were before. And that, sadly, appears to be what happened with Valkyria Revolution.

In a wider sense, the “revolution” here would be the act of yanking the Valkyria series away from its tactical origins in order to create something that’s better described as a Dynasty Warriors-style RPG. The approach never works quite as well as it should. Valkyria Revolution has a rather fascinating narrative premise as its foundation, but all developer Media Vision builds on it are overlong, weakly animated cutscenes with frequent loading screens and a merely moderately enjoyable combat system. It’s possible its weaknesses grew out of a need to make Valkyria Revolution less graphically intensive to accommodate a simultaneous release on the Vita, but the approach makes the PS4 version I played suffer greatly for it.

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Posted on Jun 27, 2017

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