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Out of every genre, role-playing games have given us some of the most awesome, beautiful, terrifying, and fascinating worlds to explore. In celebration of the hours we’ve spent exploring and adventuring in them, here are our top 10 RPG worlds of all time.

Many games are set in outer space, but few have really captured the essence of space travel and intergalactic civilization the way EVE Online has. Exploring the New Eden galaxy and its over 5000 star systems and 2500 wormhole systems must be done manually, via spaceship. While EVE by no means prioritizes realism, it does keep many of its elements grounded in slow-paced management-heavy gameplay, especially with its complex player-driven economy. These elements, combined with the backstories of each major faction, are a perfect fit for the literal universe that has been home to some of the most exciting online space battles and dramatic player-driven epics in video game history.

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Posted on Jun 26, 2017

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