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The Pokemon Company has revealed to Famitsu (note: this page is in Japanese) that Pokemon games have accumulated lifetime sales of over 300 million copies.

This total incorporates 76 titles over the series’ 21-year history. As well as the main series of core games, the figure also includes ancillary titles like the PokePark series or Pokemon Conquest, factoring in both physical and download sales. No mention is made of the mobile game Pokemon Go but since the information focuses on sales, it’s safe to assume that Pokemon Go isn’t part of the count (as it’s free-to-play).

The latest entries in the series, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, released last week, selling over 1.2 million copies in Japan in just the first three days. The paired games are something of a swansong for the series; we recently reported that they would be the last games released for the 3DS family of systems, in preparation for the series’ first core entries on the Nintendo Switch.

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Posted on Nov 25, 2017

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