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Trump follows Amazon jabs by ordering US Postal Service review

President Trump recently tweeted that the US Postal Service's deal with Amazon was bad for taxpayers, but he has now taken his complaints beyond social media, the New York Times reported. The White House has convened a task force to examine the servi…

Walmart recruits its employees to deliver your packages

Walmart has been struggling to compete with shipping perks offered by companies like Amazon. And in its latest attempt to contend,it has turned to employees — asking them to deliver packages on their way home. Air Turn-Freedom To Perforn

Amazon’s drone deliveries could include shipping label parachutes

It's hard to believe it's been almost three years since Amazon announced its plan to deliver packages via drone. The first air delivery occurred last December in the UK and the retailer continues to refine the concept with futuristic ideas to perch t… Air Turn-Freedom To Perforn

Streaming services will pay writers more following a new deal

Amazon, Hulu and Netflix are going to have to open their wallets a little bit wider if they want to keep producing original shows. The Writers Guild of America has outlined a tentative 3-year contract that will increase the residuals paid to writers… Air Turn-Freedom To Perforn

Amazon quietly drops its free-shipping minimum back to $25

Slowly but surely, Amazon is bringing its free-shipping-threshold back to amount we collectively remember it being. Now, in an apparent bid to undercut the likes of Walmart and Target, Jeff Bezos' online-shopping juggernaut has dropped the cart total… Air Turn-Freedom To Perforn

Twitch toys with the idea of chat-controlled TV shows

It sounds like Twitch doesn't want its new sneaker show to be its only stab at interactive programming. In the eyes of chief operating officer Kevin Lin, the ideal TV experience on the platform would be one where the story changes from one episode to… Air Turn-Freedom To Perforn

Ecobee’s Alexa thermostat is essentially a wall-mounted Echo

If you're Ecobee and you have to compete against an Alphabet-backed heavyweight like Nest in the smart home space, what do you do? Simple: add built-in voice control that Nest can't currently match. The new Ecobee4 thermostat incorporates Amazon's… Air Turn-Freedom To Perforn

Amazon’s latest Dash button orders you fresh undies

Living in an apartment without an in-unit washer and dryer means that occasionally you go to great lengths to avoid carrying all your dirty clothes to the basement's laundry room. Every now and then that entails saving time ahead of a date or trip (b… Air Turn-Freedom To Perforn

Amazon is trying to be your one-stop subscription shop

Amazon's subscription offerings go beyond Kindle Unlimited, Prime and its various add-ons. The retailer has offered magazine subscriptions for awhile too, and now the company has set up Subscribe with Amazon. It's a hub that gives "subscription provi… Air Turn-Freedom To Perforn


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