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On March twenty eighth I had ordered a bunch of stuff from model Nova including two pairs of shoes once I got the items I attempted the entire lot on nothing match well and the entire lot regarded diversified … After I attempted on the second pair of shoes I didn’t love them they didn’t match well they didn’t perceive how they regarded on the fetch online page so I had made up our minds to send it benefit I used to be in contemplation with this for some time so made up our minds to examine out on the shoes again (I simplest tried on one shoe at a time) this time the shoe match upright and regarded the diagram it used to be bid to perceive so I assign the opposite aspect on it used to be then I seen that the left aspect used to be a size 8 and the upright acknowledged used to be a deem about 6.5(which is the scale I ordered) so I certain to send it benefit it used to be then I seen that model Nova did no longer send me the lawful tags I predominant to send benefit the article so I certain to call them and assign a question to the. What to diagram within the case of getting two diversified sides to my surprise the patron carrier number didn’t work I used to be unable to tell to an exact particular person so I despatched an electronic mail asking them to call me after all no one did so I despatched a brand fresh electronic mail and in addition they despatched me benefit some automated policy crap after all this drew out my frustration I had paid Forty six.10 for these shoes… Sooner or later any individual emailed me benefit and on the launch they had this we don’t in fact care perspective after a range of of emails and sending them pics of the shoes they told me I’d maintain to send it benefit to them in yell to receive my credit for my shoes they acknowledged they keep no longer provide tags attributable to they are simplest ready to send you benefit 10dollars for transport …effectively I paid 36 dollars to ship those shoes benefit to them pondering I used to be no longer decrease than gonna fetch benefit the 34.ninety 9 (Forty six.10 after conversion) I paid for the shoes nope they simplest despatched me 17.50 -_- now I emailing them asking them the put the relaxation of my cash is and after all no one is getting benefit to me and now I’m out of 82.10 all I needed used to be for them to send me no longer decrease than 34.ninety 9 benefit but they despatched me 17.50 attributable to the shoes went on sale which is no longer honest to me reason I didn’t pay sale tag for the shoes no longer to bellow I paid 36$ to ship it benefit and didn’t even fetch the ten$ benefit for that so I’d uncover of us no longer to enlighten one thing from model Nova they keep no longer care about their customers all they care about is cash

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Posted on Aug 7, 2017

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