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With affluence growing in the country and the middle class prosperity doubling over the past few years, the spending on shopping has grown too. Online shopping has witnessed unprecedented growth. A research says that online shopping in India will grow exponentially. The research mentions that online shopping saw 128% growth in the year 2011-2012. The year before that online shopping had grown 40% only. This exponential increase can be ascribed to websites and businesses becoming more user friendly, also the consumers’ propensity to buy things online has increased considerably. These websites constantly update their online wardrobe and offers seasonal sale which is also updated often. They also offer discounts which tend to lure consumers into buying things online over buying the same things offline.

The sale of apparels and accessories, including online shopping for bras has gone up 30% over the last year. This category fares second in terms of growth. The category which has witnessed maximum growth is consumer electronics, which grew 34%. However, the apparels and accessories category is expected to beat the consumer electronics segment this year. It’s more convenient to shop for bras online as there is an array of designs, brand, and size available on a single website that you can find in any store. Also, many of them provide lucrative offers, such as free items on the purchase of 1 or 2 bra sets, which only enhances their appeal and drives more traffic to the website.

Indian handicrafts at a very reasonable price. This category is in a way promoting Indian handicrafts and craftsmanship, providing a livelihood to artisans and also finding a market for their art, thus helping revive decadent craftsmanship. So next time you want to buy a home furnishing good, do check the websites before making your purchase. The category of baby products and healthcare products grew 3% and 2% respectively giving the E commerce industry a new boost in the country. With a rise in the number of internet users, this industry is expected to grow further. From online bra shopping to white buying goods online, more and more customers are taking the online shopping route.


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