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Moss won me over instantly thanks to its adorably cute and to-scale mouse heroine, DualShock-fueled precision controls, and charming world design that lets you exist as a human-sized guiding hand inside a rodent-sized world. And outside of minor technical annoyances with PSVR itself, it never erased that initial joy when its literal storybook ending came four hours later.

Quill, the adorable mouse heroine whom you control with the DualShock, can move, jump, attack with her sword, and interact with things such as levers. She even has a couple of timing-based attack combos that elevate the fighting above simple button mashing, though you’d never mistake Moss’ combat for Bloodborne’s. You’ll face a few different enemies during the adventure, and while they’re never particularly dangerous individually, things get enjoyable hectic when their numbers start piling up and the various enemy types attack you simultaneously. Most of the enemies are either beetles or super beetles, but the exploding guys who go boom if you get too close create a nice bit of tension. Figuring out the key to defeating them quickly and painlessly (hint, it involves using your Reader ability) is vital.

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Posted on Mar 3, 2018

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