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LED light up shoes can bring you more fun in your daily life, a pair of light up shoes can make your party amazing!
SHANGHAI, CHINA, August 17, Back in the 90s, fashion was, shall we say, questionable at best. Sportswear was all the rage as were some pretty dodgy-looking hairstyles. You may also remember that LED light up shoes were incredibly fashionable, then they just seemed to die out, never to be seen again. Well, guess what? They’re baaacckk! And they’re more popular than ever. Whether they’re white light up shoes , multi-coloured, or any other design, adults and kids alike now seemingly can’t get enough of these amazing inventions, and we can understand why. Times have changed since the 90s, and so too has technology.

Now, shoes that light up do not simply have a weak red light that only seems to flash when it wants to, like two decades ago. Now, LED light up shoes are more stylish and are more advanced than ever before.

Here’s a look at how these shoes that light up are once again revolutionizing the fashion industry, and at why children and adults have been blown away by these amazing pieces of footwear.
They last ages! – In the past, LED light up shoes were a novelty purchase with a very limited shelf life. The battery in the shoes would often stop working after just a couple of days, meaning that they quickly became regular pieces of footwear. Customers couldn’t keep replacing them because they weren’t cheap, so once the battery died that was pretty much it.

Now however, white light up shoes, multi-coloured light up shoes, and many more different styles of shoe, all have long battery lives. On average, the battery of an LED shoe will last for between 2 and 3 years. The reason for this is that they have the ability to recharge themselves, so users will get plenty of wear out of them before the lights do eventually decide to give up. For many, 2 to 3 years of use is more than sufficient.

They’re very safe – Another reason why these shoes are so popular, is because of the fact that they’re so safe. You see, as the lights light up as you walk/run, if you happen to be walking in the dark, vehicles and other people will easily be able to see you.

This is great news for people who walk their dog at night, or who go for a walk/jog whilst it is dark, because it means that vehicles will be alerted of their presence. This obviously reduces the likelihood of a collision happening because drivers will easily see you in the distance and will know to avoid you well in advance.

They’re customizable – On the past, LED shoes would quickly flash red every time the wearer took a step.

Now however, things are very different. Now, the shoes have different light modes for the wearers to choose from. This is great because it lets you select the perfect style for your mood.

The lights can be set to blink, they can be set to be constantly illuminated, you can set different colours, and you can basically adjust them based upon your needs and preferences. If you imagine yourself at a party in a dark night club, once you hop onto the dance floor and begin busting some moves, your shoes will look great in the darkness of the club and will help to build a great atmosphere and ambience.
They’re great talking points – If you’re at a party or get together and wish to mingle with the other guests, wearing LED light up shoes is a great way to help get the conversation flowing. Your shoes will attract a lot of attention and people will love them and will therefore ask you plenty of questions about them.

Once you strike up a rapport you can then continue to chat, having the shoes that light up to thank for breaking the ice.
Great fun with pets – We’ve all seen those hilarious videos on the internet of cats and dogs chasing laser pointers around the house, and if you want to have fun with your pets, LED shoes are perfect.

Once they see your shoes light up for the first time, your pets won’t leave your feet alone, and will provide you with hours upon hours of endless fun. Just remember to have your camera handy because there will be plenty of hilarious video opportunities.
Encourage children to become more active – With children born in this generation now predicted to have shorter life spans that those of their parents, it’s important that we encourage our children to lead active and healthy lifestyles. Most children these days lead sedentary lifestyles and would much rather play indoors on tablets and computers, rather than outside in the fresh air. If you want to encourage your child to become more active and to show an interest in sports, investing in a pair of light up shoes is the way to go. These shoes are primarily aimed at active individuals, and your child will almost certainly be encouraged to become more active if they have a pair of these shoes on their feet.

This is great for you as a parent because it will help your child to show an interest in sport and to improve their health and manage their weight. It’s also great because it will help encourage your child to make new friends and to become more sociable.
There is plenty of variety – Finally, yet another reason why people love these shoes is due to the fact that there is so much variety to choose from. There are subtle white light up shoes that help improve safety and visibility in the workplace without being too distracting.

Then there are multicoloured neon light up shoes that are over the top and work wonderfully in nightclubs and at parties. They can even be worn during sporting events and activities.

If you’re looking to invest in a pair of LED shoes for you, your child, or perhaps the pair of you, head on over to and take a look at the selection of shoes on offer. Whilst you’re there, why not take a look at the stunning championship super bowl rings also available and pick up your favourite team’s ring today.
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Every championship ring goes through 27 working process with 60 to 75 engineers and spend 5 weeks to complete, and there is nearly 80% of the processes are made by hands. To produce high quality handmade championship rings and provide the best service to meet customers’ needs is our only target.
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Posted on Aug 27, 2017

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