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If you’re a console Destiny player, Destiny 2’s performance on PC will amaze you. Trust me; I’ve played over 700 hours of Bungie’s shared multiplayer shooter in the last three years, but none of that experience prepared me for the PC’s unbelievably high resolution and snappy 60 frames-per-second performance. If teraflops and raw processing power are your thing, the demo I played points to an absurdly bright future and a great new home for a game that was practically built for the PC anyway. But outside of these bells and whistles, what does Destiny 2 feel like from the perspective of a grizzled veteran like myself?

The E3 2017 demo is the opening mission of the campaign, called Homecoming, and it’s a reminder of all of the lessons Bungie learned in lead up to this sequel. When Destiny launched on consoles in 2014, it spelled out its villains and story sequences in broad strokes. The Darkness was the name of the enemy, but it didn’t have a consistent face. The Guardians had three key leaders named Cayde-6, Ikora, and Zavala, but none of these heroes were given actual screen time to give you an idea of who they were. The hodgepodge of storytelling delivered an underwhelming story and few standout heroes or moments.

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Posted on Jun 19, 2017

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