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The Crimson Court isn’t an essential add-on for Darkest Dungeon, but it does give this grim RPG an infusion of new ideas in both battles and at the town level that freshen things up and make you rethink your approach to problems if things have become routine for you. And, of course, more of that awesomely dire narration.

The most pervasive new crisis you have to deal with is The Crimson Curse, a common and near-permanent affliction that turns your party members into junkies for vials of blood. Early on, becoming infected by the horrific giant mosquito-borne illness seemed debilitating due to rare supply of blood, which could only be obtained through random drops by fighting the new enemy faction; without it they eventually go into a withdrawal state and could potentially die. But in reality, at least playing on Radiant mode, the Curse’s bark was worse than its bite. It actually gives a “Bloodlust” stat buff for a time after consuming a vial, and even when you’re in withdrawal most of the stat penalties aren’t enough to slow a team down much (though it does make them prone to rejecting healing or buffs as though they were irrational). It quickly became a manageable addiction.

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Posted on Jun 26, 2017

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