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Small but Mighty: 9 Genius Design Ideas From Stylish Rental Studios

Short on square footage but big on good design. That’s what’s up in the nine studio apartments featured here to remind all of us that good things—including genius design ideas—really do come in small packages. Check them out!


Posted on Mar 6, 2018

A Studio Apartment Goes from Fine to Fabulous Thanks to a Faux Wall — House Call

Name: Jackie Barth
Location: New York City
Size: 466 square feet
Years lived in: 1 year, renting

One of the biggest bummers about living in a studio apartment is the whole “everything’s in one room” vibe. If you don’t love the idea of being able to see your bed from your couch (or are looking for some extra privacy in your small space) you’ll find inspiration in this NYC rental studio. Jackie and her father used wardrobe doors (similar to these IKEA ones) to DIY a “faux” wall to create a separation between the living space and the bedroom space.


Posted on Feb 9, 2018

9 Hyper-Efficient Tiny Spaces That Get it Right

Tiny homes and tiny apartments are chock full of amazing ideas for living simply and stylishly no matter how much space you’ve got to work with, after all, you gotta get creative when your square footage clocks in around 300. We rounded up all the best petite powerhouses we featured this year, so go ahead and borrow inspiration from these hyper-efficient spaces.


Posted on Dec 22, 2017

An Author & Artist’s “Modern Adult Meets Fun Child” Brooklyn Reno — House Call

Name: Rajiv Fernandez
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Size: 540 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years

I am a freelance architect, artist and children’s author. I founded my company Lil’ Icon in 2017 that does design to make you think and wink. The premise for my design company is evident in the apartment — sophisticated in base palette with pops of fun in the accessories. I originally hail from Iowa and moved to NYC for grad school 10 years ago. I enjoy a good slice of pizza, but will gladly dip it in Ranch, like a true Iowa boy.


Posted on Nov 29, 2017

The Secret to a Festive Tiny Home (From a Tiny Home Dweller)

Whitney Leigh Morris of Tiny Canal Cottage knows a thing or two about exercising restraint when it comes to furnishing a space. After all, she lives with her husband Adam, baby son West and two dogs in a less than 400-square-foot house affectionately dubbed “the Cottage.” But that doesn’t mean she can’t have fun and get festive at home when fall rolls around (or other holidays, for that matter.) She’s perfected the art of adding seasonal touches to her decor without bringing a ton of extra stuff into the equation. So minimalists, studio dwellers and Marie Kondo fanatics alike, this one’s for you. Here, how to get your fall on in a small space.


Posted on Oct 27, 2017

Smart Ways to Make a “Bedroom” in a Studio

Ask anyone who’s ever lived in a studio apartment what their least favorite thing about it is, and chances are that (after the size) they’ll complain about their bed being out in the open, in sight of the living room/dining room/kitchen. It can make it feel like you’re living in a dorm room versus an actual adult home. But, with smart decor elements and design tricks, you can make your bed feel like its own area, improving the way your studio looks from any angle.

These real-life examples are studio apartment successes — and they may be just the inspiration you need to carve out a “bedroom” in your studio.


Posted on Oct 10, 2017

5 Ways to Make Your Tiny Bedroom Special (& Functional) — Why It Works

Melissa Morgan has rented this 380-square-foot apartment near Silicon Valley for four years. That’s four years of trying to figure out how best to arrange a tiny floor plan in a stylish way, and frankly, we think she nailed it. Her home manages to feel incredibly special, particularly her bedroom. Here’s how she did it (and what you can learn from Melissa’s design choices).


Posted on Aug 3, 2017

A 365-Square-Foot Swedish Apartment (With a Killer Kitchen)

What do you do with a tiny apartment with a really tall ceiling? Go vertical, of course. The Swedes are experts on design, and experts on small spaces, and this tiny apartment in Gothenburg, which makes brilliant use of its 365 square feet, is just further proof.


Posted on Jul 31, 2017

Tour a Hyper-Efficient 376-Square-Foot Home (There’s a Trap Door-Hidden Bed!)

I love a tiny, efficient home, and I love a good beach house, especially in these sweltering summer times, so it’s nice to see the two come together. Here’s how a tiny beachside flat in Italy makes the most of a very small floor plan, managing to incorporate two bedrooms, a workspace, and plenty of room for lounging into a trim 376 square feet.


Posted on Jul 20, 2017

Why It Works: A Truly Tiny But Incredibly Stylish West Village Home — Why It Works

Every so often, there comes along a home that just has it all figured out. This is one of those homes.


Posted on Jul 14, 2017


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