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A Drink Table Is Just What It Sounds Like & You Probably Need One

(Image credit: West Elm)

I’ve been seeing a lot of these small drink tables lately, and I think they’re so cute, and so clever, and so perfect for small spaces (or really just anywhere you have a tight corner that won’t fit a traditional table). Many of these are only a few inches in diameter—just big enough to hold a single glass. But sometimes all you really need a side table to do is hold your coffee (or your wine). These tables do that, and they do it beautifully.


Posted on Oct 9, 2017

My Mom’s Secret Decorating Weapon (That I Now Kind of Love)

(Image credit: I Suwannee)

I grew up in a home with a mom who liked to experiment with decor (for better or for worse). Whether it was the lime green and silver vertical-striped accent wall in our living room (that my teenage self thought was pretty rad) or the antique garden bistro set (which she found and spray painted a bright aqua) that lived in a corner of the family room, decor changed faster than hair styles around the Hernandez residence. One thing that was always steadfast? My mother’s adoration of the skirted side table, a.k.a. her decorating secret weapon.


Posted on Sep 21, 2017

10 Tiny Tables Perfect for the Smallest of Entryways — Annual Guide 2017

Even if your entryway is super-tiny — or you don’t really have an entryway at all, and have to make do with a little spot by the door — it’s nice to have a place to drop your keys, set down the mail, put things that you’re planning on taking with you the next time you go out. That’s where these little tables come in. All of them provide just such a landing spot, which will welcome you home and help keep clutter under control — all without taking up very much space at all.


Posted on Aug 14, 2017


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