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Spotify brings on-demand listening to its free mobile app

Spotify's free tier is now decidedly more useful when you're on the move. The streaming music service has unveiled a new free version of its mobile app that no longer forces you to shuffle tunes — you can listen to songs on-demand so long as they a…

I had the coolest job on the planet…at Tower Records

I had the coolest job on the planet…at Tower Records

I had the coolest job on the Tower Records

The Tower Records empire built by Russ Solomon, who died Sunday, was a mecca for kids like me, writes Katia Hetter, a magical place to hang out with musicians, get early access to new releases, learn about music … and real life.

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Posted on Apr 3, 2018

A Scandi Design Inspired Keyboard That’s Music to Your Eyes and Ears

The gulf in sound and aesthetics between an electric keyboard and a grand (or even upright) piano can seem wide and insurmountable to many a piano enthusiast. This new collaboration between Roland and Karimoku offers up not only an upgrade in keyboard technology, but a sleek new look minimalist look.


Posted on Mar 18, 2018

Date Night In? Michelle Obama Curated The Perfect Playlist

If you’re staying in with your sweetheart tonight, there’s one less thing you’ll have to think about. Because thankfully, Michelle Obama already curated the perfect romantic playlist for you. Well, it’s for Barack, but it’s on Spotify for all to enjoy.


Posted on Feb 14, 2018


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