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What Happened to My Mind & Body When I Quit My Phone for a Week

Everyone seems to be talking about “kids these days” and their addiction to technology. Yet, where’s the accountability for adults? With many of us checking our phones up to 85 times a day, it feels like we could all use a bit of an intervention. So this is exactly what I decided to do. I vowed to give up my phone for a week with just three simple rules:

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Posted on Mar 6, 2018

Do You Have More Bad Days Than the Average American?

Did you have a bad day recently (have you heard Bad Day recently)? How many would you say are bad out of 365? A new study says that this is how many the average American has each year.


Posted on Feb 28, 2018

Here’s What Happens to Your Body When You Don’t Move All Weekend

It’s a brutal winter. The world outside can be a horrible place. Can you blame anyone for wanting to cancel their plans, stay in, sleep late and watch TV all weekend? It’s self care, after all, and we can all get behind that.


Posted on Feb 18, 2018

Want to be More Efficient? Take a Break

In a new interview with GQ, Daniel H Pink breaks down breaks and the power of focusing on “when.” His book When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing does a deep dive into how and why timing affects us as much as it does, and how to use that to our advantage in work, life and play.


Posted on Feb 13, 2018

Working from Home: 3 Healthy Truths No One Tells You

I received some excellent pieces of advice when I started my freelance writing business. “Maybe line up some actual work before you quit your day job!” was one. “Hire a certified tax accountant to mock your income!” was another. Wise words all. But three years later, I realize there were some crucial health-related insights I didn’t hear—and wish I had.


Posted on Feb 12, 2018


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