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A Lovely Little LA Nook for Two Roommates — House Tour

Name: Lucia and Page
Location: Highland Park — Los Angeles, California
Size: 1,000 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years, rented

Roommates Lucia and Page have a decorating motto when it comes to treasures from thrift stores: If you want it, you get it! That’s how they were able to create a pretty home even though they don’t have a big budget. The roommates say they complement each other perfectly: Page is good at solving problems and Lucia is the handy one. Whenever Page has a decorating idea, Lucia is already searching YouTube for how to do it!


Posted on Dec 14, 2017

Here’s How To Help the Victims of the Los Angeles Fires

Wildfires are raging across Southern California this week, with blazes covering an area as big as the city of Orlando. As of Wednesday, thousands have been forced to evacuate in Ventura County and surrounding areas. If you’re wondering how you can help, we’ve compiled a partial list of organizations supporting the victims of these disasters.


Posted on Dec 6, 2017

A Wallpaper Designer’s “Psychedelic Modern Cowboy” Style Home — House Tour

Name: Samantha Santana and James Lively
Location: Jefferson Park — Los Angeles, California
Size: 619 square feet
Years lived in: 2 years, 2 months, owned

When Samantha and James first moved into their historic, 93-year-old Spanish bungalow, they knew they would be doing most of the renovations and remodeling themselves. It was a long haul, especially since their home was inhabited by squatters before they moved in. After two years of the hands-on-approach, the couple is proud to call this fun, colorful home their own. They both hold a passion for creating, so the opportunity to work together on such a large scale project combined the best of their styles. Though at times the renovation process meant they were camping more than actually living in the house, the end results were well worth the effort.


Posted on Dec 4, 2017

A “Folk Modern” Apartment With Urban Cabin Vibes — House Tour

Name: Steven Miller
Location: Los Angeles, California
Size: 750 square feet
Years lived in: 2.5 years, rented

Everything in Steven’s apartment has a story behind it: He can recall the thrift store each piece of art came from and can tell you the lengths he went to find a unique piece of furniture. “It makes me so happy that I have a space for all of the things that I’ve thrifted or collected,” he says. For Steven, thrifting isn’t just a hobby. “I’ve always fantasized about a road trip where I can thrift my way up the West Coast to the Pacific Northwest and meander through all of those small towns that you never knew were there — with a trailer for all of my finds, of course!” All of that digging has turned his apartment into a welcoming space full of eccentric art and unique knick-knacks, and he’s more than happy to tell you all about ’em.


Posted on Nov 27, 2017

A Food Stylist’s Charming Petite Studio (With a Soul) — House Tour

Name: Kim Mahair
Location: West Hollywood, California
Size: 500 square feet
Years lived in: Rented 3 years

Kim Mahair is a food photographer and stylist who was given “first dibs” on her West Hollywood studio apartment after her friend, the home’s previous tenant, moved out. Years of actively coveting the petite studio’s dreamy french windows and charming details paid off. All of the furniture in Kim’s small studio is a vintage find, or was inherited when she moved in, giving her the perfect Parisian-style perch, overlooking the enchanting West Hollywood sites below.


Posted on Nov 26, 2017

A New Pop Up Museum Is Here To Take Over Your Instagram

Typically, if you want to spend the holidays at the happiest place on earth, you head straight to Disneyland. This year, though, droves of dopamine seekers may find themselves flocking to another Southern California happy place over the holidays — the HAPPY PLACE, that is. Decked out in Gen Z Yellow, HAPPY PLACE is a massive and colorful pop-up exhibit in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles and is open now through Sunday, January 7th, 2018.


Posted on Nov 21, 2017

The Cool California Home of the Founders of Health-Ade Kombucha — House Tour

Name: Daina, Justin and Hendricks Trout of Health-Ade Kombucha
Location: Mar Vista, California
Size: 3,100 square feet
Years lived in: 5 months, owned

It seems difficult to believe that Daina and Justin Trout, co-founders of popular drink brand, Health-Ade Kombucha, only moved into their stunning Westside home five months ago. With each room more pulled together and well designed than the last, it seems as if this effortlessly styled home would have taken years to get every detail right. The combination of California boho meets mid-century chic hits all the right notes, while the open and airy aspects of the house play right into the bright nature of its residents.


Posted on Nov 20, 2017

After Math: On the road again

Tesla had quite the week. Not only did the upstart carmaker get to show off its new semi and roadster, it also unveiled its multi-station Supercharger rest stop and managed to get itself onto the receiving end of a class-action lawsuit alleging perva…

Posted on Nov 19, 2017

Rent Kelly Osbourne’s West Hollywood Condo for $19.5K a Month

Reality TV star Kelly Osbourne, daughter of metal icon Ozzy Osbourne and talk show host Sharon Osbourne, is renting out her luxe condo in West Hollywood, California’s famed Sierra Towers building. This isn’t your mama’s Airbnb rental; Osbourne’s unit in this trendy tower means neighbors that include the likes of Courteney Cox and Sandra Bullock, as well as a rent payment of $19,500 per month. Just in case you’re wondering, that’s 3,900 $5 Subway footlongs or roughly 28 iPhone Xs—a month.


Posted on Nov 19, 2017

Lloyd Wright’s Infamous Sowden House Is On the Market

In 1926, architect Lloyd Wright (yep, son of Frank) built this “neo Mayan” home in Los Feliz for friend and artist John Sowden. The property is currently for sale for $4.7 million.


Posted on Nov 18, 2017


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