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The Bold & Beautiful Beverly Hills Home of the Founders of Too Faced Cosmetics — House Tour

Name: Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson, the co-founders of Too Faced Cosmetics, and their chihuahua, Clover
Location: Beverly Hills
Size: 2,121 square feet
Years Lived In: 2.5 years, owned

Too Faced Cosmetics—the cruelty-free global beauty and cosmetics brand started in 1998 and sold in over 30 countries—is known for its ability to not take makeup too seriously. Their “Better Than Sex” mascara is iconic with a cult-like following. They’re responsible for the world’s first glitter eye shadow. And frankly I appreciate any company that so freely uses puns in its product names (looking at you, “Chocolate Brow-nie“). And the Beverly Hills home shared by the company’s married co-founders Jeremy Johnson (CEO/Action Man) and Jerrod Blandino (Chief Creative Officer/Dreamer) is as similarly rebellious, tongue-in-cheek and colorful as the company they helm.


Posted on Feb 19, 2018

“California Vintage Global Glam” in North Carolina — House Tour

Name: Ariene C. Bethea and Daren Z. Bethea II (and Mini)
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Size: 3,100 Square Feet
Years lived in: 9 years, owned

There are dreamers and there are doers. Ariene Bethea fits into the latter. Ariene brought her dream to life through her designer furnishings storefront, Dressing Rooms Interiors Studio. She has been called a “design maven,” whose arrival is “changing the face of design in the South.” Her style is abundant throughout her residence in Charlotte, which she shares with her husband, Daren, (a dreamer and a doer in his own right). Daren provides his expertise in chiropractic medicine through Charlotte’s first mobile chiropractic clinic. Passion defines Ariene and Daren’s home and life.


Posted on Feb 16, 2018

A ’90s Glam Downtown Chicago Loft for Art Collectors — House Tour

Name: Rashelle Roos and Joe Agati
Location: Near East Side — Chicago, Illinois
Size: 1,000 square feet
Years lived in: 2 years, owned

The dream of the ’90s is alive in Chicago, but it’s more stylish and retro than you might remember. You can find it here, in this one-bedroom pied-a-terre that overlooks Navy Pier and other downtown high-rises. When Rashelle Roos and Joe Agati saw the black granite floors and countertops, the walls full of beveled mirrors, and the brass and steel metals all mixed together, they knew they had found the perfect backdrop for their eclectic and personal art collection…and the perfect urban retreat.


Posted on Dec 21, 2017

The Timeless Houston Home of the House of Harper — House Tour

Name: Caroline Harper Knapp, her husband, and their sons, Knox and Andrew
Location: Briargrove — Houston, Texas
Size: 2,500 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years, owned

When Caroline Harper Knapp moved back to her home state of Texas a few years ago from New York, she knew she would have more space to design a home for her and her family. Having almost 2,500 square feet to work with meant she would get to experiment with traditional home elements that the lack of space in New York had not allowed her to — like a large entryway, a formal dining room, and a living room that offers several seating options.


Posted on Nov 27, 2017

A Modern Boho Glam Californian House — House Tour

Name: Pamelyn Rocco, her husband Chris and their daughters Moorea and Harlow
Location: Playa Vista, California
Size: 3,600 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years, owned

Pamelyn and her husband were actually familiar with this house before they ever moved in — they used to live next door! Though it wasn’t exactly their style, she saw the potential and knew with a little design direction it could be amazing. Even more incredible? They renovated the entire house in just five weeks, with Pamelyn as the general contractor. Now, the spacious house is a gorgeous home for the entire stylish family.


Posted on Nov 24, 2017

A Classic Glam Apartment in Italy Designed on a Budget — House Tour

Name: Marci and Carlos Cordero, with children Penelope and Mitchell
Location: Vicenza, Italy
Size: 2,150 square feet
Years lived in: 5 months, renting

Marci and Carlos have only lived in their Italian apartment for five months, but you’d never know it from looking around. There are photos and art hung (even with the stubborn concrete walls!) and every piece of furniture seems to fit into place and have a home. This could be because of Marci’s philosophy of being incredibly intentional with bringing things into her home, or because they’re a military family and pros at moving by now.


Posted on Oct 13, 2017

Small & Chic in Chelsea, in only 385 Square Feet — House Tour

Name: Pamela Kaupinen
Location: Chelsea — New York, New York
Size: 385 square feet
Years lived in: 5 years, renting

If Pamela’s place looks a little familiar, there’s a reason for that. She was the winner of our Small Cool Contest — in 2016, her tiny, impeccable Chelsea apartment took the crown.


Posted on Oct 10, 2017

A First-Time Homebuyer’s “Glam-ohemian” Charlotte House — House Tour

Name: Seana
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Size: 2,600 square feet
Years lived in: Own. I am a first-time home owner!

Seana does not claim to be a design expert, but she could have fooled us. As a corporate professional she spends her days in a more formal atmosphere, so her first house provides a unique canvas to express her creativity. Reluctantly labeling her style “Glamohemian,” she describes herself as a “modern bohemian with a touch of glamour” while rolling her eyes at herself. Seana’s home reflects an eclectic collection of influences that are very dear to her; her has family roots in Louisiana and she spent fifteen years in Brooklyn. Artifacts on display also illustrate her love and passion for hip hop and the African diaspora, as well as several “nerdy interests” and her “lifelong obsession with fashion.”


Posted on Oct 3, 2017

An Interior Designer’s Beautifully Styled 478-Square-Foot Brooklyn Home — House Tour

Name: Ali and Chip McEnhill
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Size: 478 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years, owned

When Ali and Chip McEnhill moved into their apartment in Cobble Hill Towers — a Brooklyn landmark built in 1879 — they were inspired to reintroduce and recover some of its original character. “We loved the history of the building and wanted our apartment to feel connected to it so we ended up adding back in many details that had been removed in the buildings 1980s remodel,” Ali explains. This included incorporating a decorative ceiling throughout the apartment and uncovering the original fireplace from behind a wall of plaster.


Posted on Oct 3, 2017

A Small But Glamorous West Hollywood Studio — Video House Tour

Name: Dominic A. Cerino IV
Location: West Hollywood — Los Angeles, California
Size: 560 square feet
Years lived in: 4.5 years; Rented

When interior designer Dominic submitted his House Call, many of you proclaimed that you couldn’t believe it was a rental. Well, that impression is all down to Dominic’s incredible attention to detail. He convinced his landlord to refinish the bathtub before he moved in, he painted or wallpapered every wall in the place, and he even had a custom faux fireplace/TV enclosure built for the living room.


Posted on Sep 25, 2017


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