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A Tiny 1940s Studio Apartment with “Nerd Grandma” Style — House Tour

Name: Grace
Location: Washington, DC
Size: 495 square feet
Years lived in: 1 year, owned

After a marvelous tour with Irwin, fate brought us Grace in the comments thread; she’s a resident of the same, beautiful Art Deco-style apartment building with precisely the same floor plan. Whereas Irwin’s studio was brimming with rich earthy colors, I was delighted to see Grace’s interpretation of the space — in top to bottom pink.


Posted on Sep 4, 2017

Rattan Pendants Are the Light of the Moment (& We Love Them!) — Currently Obsessed

Rattan pendants are essentially upside down baskets (without handles) with a light in them, and we love them the same anyway. They add undeniable character due to their texture and handmade quality to a home. We love them in pairs over a kitchen island, on their own as a statement chandelier in a bedroom or living room…basically, wherever they land, they’re fantastic. Whether you’re into the whole boho aesthetic or not, these are worth a look. Consider us obsessed.


Posted on Aug 29, 2017

An Art Lover’s Sunny Garden Flat in Cape Town — House Tour

Name: Jean Mortlock
Location: Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa
Size: 947 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years, owned

When Jean bought this apartment three years ago, not much needed to be done at all. Unfortunately, just one year later the apartment flooded — not once but twice — and all within two months! All the floors, cabinets and carpets had to be ripped out and replaced. Luckily, this meant Jean got to choose new paint colors, rugs and flooring, which made up for the inconvenience.


Posted on Aug 22, 2017

A Magical Attic Apartment with a “Genie Bottle Bedroom” — House Tour

Name: Terra Zosel
Location: Kenwood Neighborhood, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Size: 800 square feet
Years lived in: Rented 6 months

The story of Terra’s apartment is multi-fold. Her home occupies the attic of her grandparents’ house where she lives as caretaker to her grandmother. Her grandparents purchased the home in the 1960s from a couple who relocated from Minneapolis to the significantly warmer state of Florida. Little information is known about those earlier owners or what the “genie bottle” room was used for, but Terra does know that it remained largely untouched from how the former resident — an artist — left it.


Posted on Aug 19, 2017

A Writer’s “Crafty-Cozy” 400-Square-Foot Brooklyn Studio — House Tour

Name: Alanna Okun
Location: Bedford-Stuyvesant — Brooklyn, New York
Size: 400 square feet
Years lived in: 2.5 years, renting

Alanna’s cheery apartment in Brooklyn is the first space she can truly call her own. She grew up surrounded by siblings, next lived in college dorms, and then moved in with roommates. As a writer, she needed a quite place for herself. As a crafter, she needed a creative space to inspire her. This small Brooklyn apartment is proving to be the perfect home for both.


Posted on Aug 16, 2017

A Writer’s Eclectic, Collected Home in Berkeley — House Tour

Name: Flora Tsapovsky and Tom Kolinski, plus Theo the cat
Location: Berkeley — California
Size: 720 square feet
Years lived in: 2 years, rented

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“Every morning I stand here with my cup of coffee and soak in the views, even if it’s for a minute,” describes Flora of the view from her home’s large glass corner wall that looks over Berkeley and the sparkling San Francisco Bay. It’s no surprise that it’s one of her home’s favorite features; views like this would get anyone’s creative juices flowing. One look out the window, even on a gloomy Bay Area day, and Flora knows why she and her husband Tom chose to rent this cozy Craftsman in a quiet and charming neighborhood, only a few minutes outside of downtown Berkeley.

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Posted on Jul 27, 2017

A “Modern Bohemia Meets West Coast” Apartment in Oakland — House Tour

Name: Jimmy Brower, Damien Merino, and their dog Joey
Location: Gaskill — Oakland, California
Size: 700 square feet
Years lived in: 2 years, renting

Jimmy and Damien instantly fell in love with their Oakland apartment. The bond was so strong that they signed the lease before they even looked inside. Risky — yes — but they don’t regret a thing about the decision, as they find themselves drawn to the natural energy of the space more and more each day. The apartment used to be a storefront, so it comes with huge floor-to-ceiling windows, warm wood tones, and slate concrete floors. How can anyone not fall for the space?


Posted on Jul 25, 2017

A Bohemian Eclectic Parisian Apartment — House Tour

Name: Janaé, Angela, and Simon
Location: 19th Arrondissement —Paris, France
Size: 710 square feet (66 square meters)
Years lived in: 1.5 years, renting

Janaé and her roommates Simon and Angela share this beautiful, bohemian-inspired apartment in the 19th arrondissement in Paris. Decorated with a mix of thrifted furniture and salvaged objects, this apartment is so perfectly cozy and eclectic that you might mistake it for an Anthropologie catalog! This apartment went through a number of roommates until the current trio decided that it was easier with just the three of them, and throughout the roommate turnover, lots of furniture got left behind. Thankfully, this mix-and-matched style speaks perfectly to the roommates’ eclectic tastes and personalities.


Posted on Jul 16, 2017


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