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Greetings fellow Heroes! Blizzard just released the trailer for a new Overwatch map coming soon called Blizzard World. It’s a Blizzard-themed amusement park that doubles as a museum chock-full of cool references. Though the trailer is relatively quick, we see a ton of Easter eggs and cool nods to all of Blizzard’s franchises. Let’s run through all the different references we can find:

Right off the bat we get a look at a section themed around the World of Warcraft Alliance city of Stormwind, and the Stormwind heroes – these massive statues that flank the bridge leading into the city.

These are the Alliance heroes that traveled through the dark portal into Draenor to seal a rift and were memorialized in stone. On the left you can spot Kurdran Wildhammer, Thane of the Aerie Peak, Archmage Khadgar, and General Turalyon, the leader of the expedition, in the background under the archway.

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Posted on Nov 3, 2017

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