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If “Let’s do this” brings bright orange to mind, you must be a Home Depot regular like me. I’ve spent more hours of my life (and more dollars) than I care to admit in the aisles of this big box stand-by. There was a stretch – while in the trenches of renovating a big old triplex we bought in Detroit – that the mere scent of Home Depot (a mélange of fresh lumber, hot dogs, paint, chemicals, and desperation) upon walking in would raise my heart rate because I knew it meant our rapidly dwindling funds were about to take another giant hit. (Other people, it turns out, like the smell!)

I made so many trips there, in fact, that when I’d get up in the morning my phone would tell me the traffic situation en route to the nearest Home Depot (I guess it thought I worked there?) Throughout these many trips I’ve learned a few things and am happy to share them with you, my partners in DIY.


Posted on Mar 10, 2018

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