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Walmart has been struggling to compete with shipping perks offered by companies like Amazon. And in its latest attempt to contend,it has turned to employees — asking them to deliver packages on their way home. Air Turn-Freedom To Perforn

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  • This cosplay mask fights pollution too
    This cosplay mask fights pollution too
    It's a ubiquitous sight in cities like Beijing: pedestrians walking under a thick blanket of smog with their faces obscured by flimsy cloth face ...
  • Streaming services will pay writers more following a new deal
    Streaming services will pay writers more following a new deal
    Amazon, Hulu and Netflix are going to have to open their wallets a little bit wider if they want to keep producing original shows. The Writers Guild o...
  • AI can predict if you’ll die soon by examining your organs
    AI can predict if you’ll die soon by examining your organs
    When not stealing blue collar jobs, robots are becoming Dr. House, diagnosing maladies like breast and skin cancer with aplomb. Scientists at the Univ...
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      This is not your grandma's cross-stitch. These projects take the art form of stitching tiny X's with thread and turn it on its head. Giant pai...
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      Bohemian-style living rooms scream cozy, comfy, and "come sit awhile." Characterized by lots of green plants, layers of color and pattern and ...
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      Like the thought of Razer's Blade Stealth ultraportable, but wish it had a bit more oomph for multitasking? You're getting your wish. Razer ha...
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      The Vitra Museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany opened 'An Eames Celebration' this fall, an extensive look into the work and lives of the iconic de...
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      I have a lot of love for color in the kitchen — but with that said, colorful kitchens aren't for everyone. Plenty of modern homes have open kitchen...
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      Some trends come and go, while others come, stay, and leaving us saying, "wait, why wasn't this always a thing?". With a simplicity and s...
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      Love him or hate him, you can't deny that Drive and Neon Demon director Nicholas Winding Refn has an astute eye for style in his movies. He's ...

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    • LEGO Dimensions Reportedly Ending a Year Early October 20, 2017
      LEGO Dimensions has reportedly ended a year earlier than planned. Though Warner Bros. has yet to officially confirm or deny the news, sources close to Eurogamer say that the TT Games-developed series has been cancelled. The publication cites multiple reasons for the cancellation, including the cost of using real LEGO, flagging sales, and the toys-to-life […]
    • ELEX Review October 20, 2017
      If you’ve ever been on a date with someone who seems very interesting and pleasant, but suddenly goes on tirades about lizard people or how the Illuminati faked the moon landing, you have some understanding of my love-hate relationship with ELEX. It’s a sprawling, ambitious, Euro-style RPG in the tradition of series like The Witcher […]
    • Destiny 2 Bug Sends Trials of the Nine Offline for 2 Weeks October 20, 2017
      Destiny 2’s most popular competitive multiplayer mode, Trials of the Nine, will be postponed due to a glitch. In a post on, Bungie said that the next two instances of Trials – held on weekends – will be postponed because of “emote glitching” in The Crucible. The team is currently working on a fix […]
    • Cell Phone Tips And Tricks For Novices October 20, 2017
      Call phones are the modern means of communicating with others for most people these days. Not only are they used for phone calls, but for text messaging, emails and surfing the Internet. Keep reading for more tips about your cell phone. Restart your phone occasionally so you can rid it of memory from web sites. […]
    • ‘Pokemon Go’ hopes new monsters will get you outside this fall October 20, 2017
      While Pokémon Go may have lost some of its shine due to a number of problems like poorly run public events and a divisive invitation-only special battle system, the mobile game still has a decent fanbase. The developers have been adding new li… Gadget
    • Google Play lets you test drive Android apps before installing them October 20, 2017
      Google’s Instant Apps are available in a few places for curious Android users, but they’ve been conspicuously absent in one place: the Play Store. Wouldn’t you want to check out an app before committing to it? You can now. Google is now building I… Gadget
    • Verizon will fix your smartphone’s screen for $29 October 20, 2017
      It happens to the best of us. You buy a new mobile phone, you get a case, you try to be extra careful, but you drop it. Cracked screens happen often enough that most major carriers and device manufacturers have a separate section in their mobile prot… Gadget
    • Volkswagen is building an electric supercar to tackle Pike’s Peak October 19, 2017
      Last month, Volkswagen laid out a roadmap for its EV rollout, promising 300 zero-emissions vehicles by 2030. While it’s certainly good PR to move the company beyond its lingering diesel scandal, it also follows other automakers that recently committe… Gadget
    • Wirecutter’s best deals: Bose SoundLink Mini II speaker drops to $150 October 19, 2017
      This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter, reviews for the real world. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter’s independently chosen editorial picks, it may earn affiliate commissions that support its work. Read their continuously updated list… Gadget
    • New Tesla lawsuit accuses company of LGBT discrimination October 19, 2017
      Tesla has just been hit with its second discrimination lawsuit in as many days. Just yesterday, the company was sued for racial harassment in its factories. A few months back, its diversity panel uncovered a slew of sexism. Now The Guardian reports t… Gadget