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We think your home should be a reflection of you and the things you love (especially if those things totally weird others out). Today, we commend some of our boldest house tour participants for having the moxie to see their wildest home visions to fruition, thus hopefully encouraging you to paint that wall chartreuse, display that “creepy” collection, or finally buy that double decker bus you’ve been eyeing.

Miranda Lake says her magical New Orleans home is, “as much me and as much of my art as it is a house. It is an experience.” Bonus: Miranda’s very own decked out double decker bus (shown at the lead of this post) is parked in the backyard.

Adam’s love for the ocean stems from a background in carpentry for the US Naval Construction Battalion and a childhood spent exploring the Jersey Shore. He has since made a name for himself with his handmade plaster octopus chandeliers. Saturated colors and ornamental details fill Adam’s OTT Philadelphia home.

Justin lives in a warehouse in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles and describes his style as “vintage deconstructed warehouse pop.” Imagine a capsized ship, bathed in dreamy natural light and filled with remnants of intergalactic travel and sophisticated social salons of decades past…this is where the artist and creative director calls home.

This New York loft-inspired maximalist Australian home was designed by owner Kit Bettison, half of the mother-daughter interior design duo Alida & Miller, and is chock full of whacky knick knacks.

Niki Azevado’s unique studio showcases her quirky personality. She decorates with pops of color, pattern, and shock value (see “rescued” Jesus on the cross portraits).

“Do it yourself. Don’t be shy. Be bold. Go custom. Collect pieces over time. Live in the space and let it tell you what it needs. Listen to women. Don’t use coasters. Let your kids draw all over shit. The patina of lives is what gives things soul.” — Ben Erickson

Michael, Kerri and Nora’s “alternative family home” in Brooklyn is a collective contribution of three creative roommates that centers around the BOC (big orange couch). Unexpected combinations of eras and colors make this home one-of-a-kind.

Designer Lauren Svenstrup in Chicago admits, “I have always had a love for retail design, especially Anthropologie displays. You can create such impactful designs by taking simple materials and applying them in unexpected ways.” This large piece of red string art in her living room is a bold DIY wth satisfying results.

Ben renovated the top floor of this Victorian Brooklyn mansion in exchange for cheap rent. His home juxtaposes modern and vintage pieces in organic and manmade materials. His advice on building your perfect home is, “Do it yourself. Don’t be shy. Be bold. Go custom. Collect pieces over time. Live in the space and let it tell you what it needs. Listen to women. Don’t use coasters. Let your kids draw all over shit. The patina of lives is what gives things soul.”

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