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Two years ago, I moved into a new apartment, and, upon reporting my change of address to USPS for mail forwarding services, the onslaught of store catalogs littering my mailbox began. I’ve since tried to cancel most of them to no avail (having the worst luck with a store I won’t name, but let’s just say it rhymes with Lottery Yarn, of which I now get two copies, rather than zero). There are two, however, that I receive with glee, one being West Elm (the other, Anthropologie).

I ceremoniously (and eagerly) thumb through while sipping my coffee the morning after it arrives, oohing and ahhing at their spot-on styling and rich use of color the way most might devour a magazine…and such was the case earlier this week.

With the ushering in of spring comes a fresh set of pages to admire, a crisp crop of new and fabulous designs to desire. What can I say, I thoroughly love the West Elm look. Yes, it can’t go without saying that the recent news of Peggy-gate was disappointing, to say the least, but, though I haven’t ever purchased a sofa from WE, I can say that I’ve been thoroughly pleased with what I have bought (book cases, throw pillows and blankets, garden decor, dishes, curtains, etc.).

If you haven’t given a good look to West Elm in a while, you’ve been missing some very good looking home decor (and their most recent release of products didn’t disappoint either). Read on for 21 of my favorite picks below:


Pictograph Media Console, $1,499

Pricing, yes, but oh-so-pretty with that distinct carved facade.

Pop Bookshelf in Thai Blue, $499

Any excuse to introduce more color in my home, I’ll gladly accept.

Silhouette Dining Table – Raw Mango, $699

Oh my goodness, this table. It might be my favorite thing in this entire lineup.

Theo Show Wood Chair in Nightshade, $799

Such a perfect perch to throw back some caffeine and read my new West Elm catalog.

Modernist Wood + Lacquer 3-Drawer Dresser, $899

Man is this a handsome dresser. I love the prominent grain of the drawer fronts, but love the mix of black, brass and wood even more.

Decor + Accessories

Embroidered Border Curtain, Starting at $59

These curtains had me at “tassel fringe.”

Geo Tassel Pillow Covers, Starting at $69

The subtle ombre of these pillows’ oversize tassels is life.

Roar + Rabbit Pattern Play Pillow Cover, $39

Because I believe you can never have enough throw pillows.

Little Cheetah Wallpaper Panels, $299

I’m sorry, but I must have missed the memo about West Elm having wallpaper?

Sarah Colson Pendant – Smoke, $119

I’m dubious that this would do a very good job actually lighting up a room, but they it sure is pretty.

Totem Table Lamp – Medium, $139

I think white plastered home decor and furniture is a serious contender for dethroning brass.

Spun Metal Standing Planter, Starting at $69

Speaking of brass…

Tassel Embroidered Napkins (Set of 4), $32

I believe I’ve made it quite obvious that I have an addiction to tassels.

Abstract Brushstroke Salad Plate, $12

If “millennial pink” isn’t for you, this also comes in green/yellow/gold.

Terrace Stripe Pouf – Light Pool, $249

Nancy may have declared this the year of the footstool, but I feel comfortable folding the pouf into that statement, as well. I’m not normally for a patchwork quilt look, but this boho take works for me.

Striped Tassel Pouf, $149

There’s always room for another pouf/footstool!


Eric Trine + Dusen Dusen Outdoor Sofa, $949

Turn your patio into a party with West Elm’s new Eric Trine + Dusen Dusen outdoor collection.

Soleil Metal Plant Screens, $229

And the hits just keep coming.

Dusen Dusen Outdoor Slash Lines Pillow, $39

These are like the party favor to the previously mentioned fiesta from the same line.

Soleil Metal Bistro Chair, $199

Bent wire frames in candy colors are everything you need for summer.

Tambor Concrete Outdoor Drum Coffee Table, $349

This concrete table is so pretty, I’d use it inside without even flinching.

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