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With War of the Chosen, Firaxis is making a big move to increase XCOM 2’s tactical variety. In just the first couple of hours of a campaign, I saw several new mission types, two new soldier classes, new enemy types, some major new mechanics, and no fewer than four voice actors from Star Trek: The Next Generation. And from the look of it, there’s a lot more where that came from.

All of the missions I played – including some revamped versions of original XCOM 2 missions – felt new and different thanks to distinct objectives, and none had a “game over” turn timer where you’ll lose if it expires. I don’t mind those as much as some, but it’s great to see less reliance on that mechanic in missions. The first one I played was an introduction to two of the three new factions: the Skirmishers (Advent defectors who’ve managed to remove their own implants) and the Reapers, in which you’re arranging a meet between the two feuding factions. They both hate Advent, but the Reapers’ leader (voiced by Jonathan Frakes, AKA William Riker) doesn’t trust the Skirmishers or their leader (voiced by Denise Crosby, AKA Tasha Yar) and… seems to want to eat them. As food.

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Posted on Jul 12, 2017

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