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SPONSORED POST: Before & After: A Beautiful Bathroom Makeover in Just 1 Weekend — Sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond

It’s easy to overlook the bathroom. Renovations are expensive, and most of us will put up with a less-than-ideal space until we have the money for a makeover. Still, the lack of a renovation budget didn’t stop Jenna. With a full-time job, two dogs, two kids, and another on the way, she’s got more than enough to handle, but she and her husband knew they wanted a better bathroom before the baby arrived.

Rather than remodel, Jenna decided to work with what she had. With help from Apartment Therapy and the pros at Bed Bath & Beyond , we managed a total transformation — including a shower upgrade, new fixtures, a whole storage system, and a new color palette — all in a few projects you can totally do in a weekend.



Posted on Jun 23, 2017

SPONSORED POST: Make Space for Makeup: DIY This Home Beauty Bar — Sponsored By Command™ Brand

Barring maybe a home spa, vanities are the ultimate beauty lover’s luxury. Thanks to Command’s Damage-Free Hanging Solutions , even those of us with tiny apartments can make space for one. Using just a desk, stool, and a few damage-free, wall-mounted designs, we created a modern beauty bar with an Instagrammable rainbow of colors. Installed in an afternoon, this little niche will make you happy every morning. Here’s how it all came together…



Posted on Jun 19, 2017


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