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Categories: Home Improvement

Name: Dina Epstein and Michael “Frosti” Zernow
Location: Century City, Los Angeles
Size: 2000 square feet
Years lived in: 6 months, renting

Bi-coastal and bold, Dina and Frosti wear many hats. The duo started Clark and Madison together, a locally sourced, hand-crafted, heritage leather goods company based in Los Angeles. In addition, Dina is working on a New York start-up business of “maudern” sex products called Maude , and Frosti works for a freerunning brand named Tempest . For this Los Angeles rental home, they designed a light and bright space sprinkled with sentimental goods (and some of their own companies’ beautiful pieces) to house their personal and professional worlds under one roof.



Posted on Jul 11, 2017

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