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Dear Alice,

What’s the decorum for having someone in your bridal party only because you were in theirs? I’ve been in two weddings, one for a couple where I’m good friends with both of the people in the couple and one a cousin that I’ve known since birth. While I love all these people dearly, I’m not looking to have a huge bridal party. Any more than four people makes me feel overwhelmed, and the four I’ve chosen are my dearest friends that I’ve been close to for many years. I’ve thought about having the couple be ushers or maybe some other position but what about the cousin? I hate that I’m going to have to break the news to her eventually, especially since she was very forgiving when I was her bridesmaid (I live across the country from her and was not the most tactful with responding about the dress, etc.).

Should I make her a bridesmaid just because I’d hate to hurt her? Or should I give her another job like the couple?


Baffled by Bridesmaids



Posted on Jul 10, 2017

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